Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Plethora of Miscellaneous-ness

As you're about to find out, this post is aptly-named :)

Firstly, I'd like to mention I finally finished my very first afghan! As you know, I am pretty much still a novice knitter, not because I have been knitting for a short time, but because I'm not great at learning new things. Also because I am quite content hanging out in the "novice" phase. I am not good at following patterns, and like I've mentioned before, I knit like I cook.. just throw it together. So, for my afghan, I simply knit, in garter stitch, about 15 13in x 13in squares and sewed them together. I was so very proud of this afghan that was 2 months in the making, all the way up until it got a hole in it. I have no idea how it happened since the hole was smack dab in the middle of a square, but I managed to sew up the hole. It is quite an obvious patch-up-job that I'm a little upset about, but I'll get over it. You live and you learn, right? Currently I am working on another afghan similar to this one, but in different colors. The new one will be a pretty sage color, a darkish blue, and a light blue.

Another project I just finished, this one a small one, is a tiny baby hat that I knit for Knits For Needs using some yarn donated by one of our members. Please click on that link to view our latest blog post. For some reason, this particular hat got twisted the first time around. I guess I managed to do that when I was joining in the round, although I really have no idea how it happened. I posted "Help!" on Twitter and everyone told me I'd have to frog it and start over. So I did, and when I did it didn't even unravel well. It was somehow all tangled up. The first picture here shows when I was trying to unravel it. Then you can see that I started over, this time perfectly successfully, and finished the hat. I love the square shape and the pom-poms!

Next I'm going to share some things unrelated to my knitting endeavors, the first of which is our rats. We got two rats for the kids for Christmas. Two of our kids are allergic to cats and dogs, so we collect miscellaneous animals, like fish, hermit crabs, and, now, rats. I did some research before getting these new additions... "Should we get a hamster? Mice? Rats?".. and I found out that rats are actually great pets for small children since they don't bite and they are highly intelligent, well, at least compared to their other furry cousins. You can actually train them, which I was surprised to find out. Ours already know their names and come to you when called. They are named Juniper and Jules. The one in the pictures is the most social one, Juniper. The other is a bit darker and likes to hide from us a lot, hence, I do not have pictures of her. Here you see a terrible picture of me hanging out with Juniper and my awesome, and now favorite, sweatshirt. The other picture shows my daughter Sierra with Juniper.

Next amongst the plethora of miscellaneous-ness is my new haircut. This first picture is me and the hubby on New Year's Eve and, as you can see, I had long hair. The next picture is my new haircut, which I love because it is so much easier to deal with.

Thanks for hanging out in Merf's Turf for awhile! Come back soon :)