Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So Excited About the Charity

I've been really busy lately with Knits for Needs. It is really growing and the interest is amazing. I get emails and messages every day about "Where can I send my yarn?" and "What project are you working on now? What do you need?". I am very excited and happy about this project that seems to be taking over my life.. love it! I feel a new sense of purpose and importance and I love the feeling of helping others. I have always been like that, and now I feel like I really found what I'm supposed to be doing. I look forward to also getting monetary donations to help with the costs, too, such as shipping costs and such. Also, I have a ton of yarn from donations and I'd like to get it out to people knitting for charity, but I can't afford all that shipping yet! But.. its growing and I think donations will be coming in soon. I just got a PO Box for us yesterday. Also, I was interviewed about Knits for Needs!! By Loose Thread Stitchers. I can't wait till that is published. That was exciting! I've never been interviewed before.. kinda feel important :) Go Knits for Needs!

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