Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Knit A Year Project

Here is the most recent picture of my Knit A Year project taken a few minutes ago. The black was knit on a very dark and depressing day for me. As mentioned in my bio, I have Bipolar Disorder and this project is really helping me see just how darn moody I really am, which is not all bad, and it helps me document those moods, which I'm supposed to be doing every day anyway. I like the reflection and awareness this project allows for. I think I learn something new about myself every day and I would encourage everyone to try their hand at the Knit A Year project for these reasons. (if you would like an invitation to our Knit A Year group on Ling, please email me your email address: mzel@bellsouth.net) The light, fluffy green color I knit yesterday signifies the calmness and inner reflection that seemed to engulf me yesterday. My mood has gradually improved a bit since that black day, and I look forward to coming out of this depression soon.


  1. This looks lovely and thanks for the adverts for the Knit a year project. I'm so glad that people are getting something out of this process. Maybe we will all end up knitting our lives and not just a year.
    Beth Barlow

  2. Maybe! I'll be so sad when this one is over that I might just start another :) Thanks for the idea of the project.. I'm loving it.

  3. What a clever idea, thanks for sharing it!
    BTW, is making something with your "year" of knitting OK? If it is, this would make a lovely spiral rug or basket, and would give you a place to store/display your year...

  4. I'm really loving the project! I think instead of it being a functional object it is supposed to be more like a work of art, at least that is what the creator of the project thinks. I haven't really thought about what I'll do with it. I do know they are going on display when we are done though.. that should be pretty cool! Thanks for your ideas!