Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY Hand/Foot/Body Scrub

I have an addiction as of late.  It is called Pinterest . I joined several months ago and looked around a bit, took a hiatus, and now I'm back - IN FULL FORCE. Someone rescue me from my obsession with cool-looking owls, making things with pallets, and DIY goodness.  I'm not getting any work done.

Anyway, enough of that and on to a Pinterest-inspired idea I came up with today. I saw a pin about do-it-yourself body scrub and kind of forgot about it, but then, today, I saw a bag of Epsom salts lying around (always have this on hand for injuries and various ailments such as ingrown toenails, which my kids seem to acquire from time to time).

Feeling inspired, I grabbed a plastic container and poured in some Epsom salts.  I don't measure, so I'll venture a guess and say I poured in about a cup.  I then added in the powder of one tablet of ginger root, which I found stashed in my medicine cabinet, left over from a failed attempt at treating morning sickness last year, I would imagine. Then I poured in some olive oil and, as I was returning the oil back to the pantry, I spotted some honey.  Seeing as how honey is great for the skin, I quickly decided to throw some of that in to my concoction.

I remembered from that pin yesterday that you should not use metal utensils when mixing your body scrub, so I found a wooden spoon and stirred it up very well.  Then, I promptly took a hot bath and used my new and homemade body scrub on my feet.  It worked!  And... smelled great!  And my feet were all soft and stuff!

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